Oh Honey!

In October the Fort Hood Homeschooling group visited The Walker Honey Farm in Roger Texas.

If you didn’t know, it is also the home of the Dancing Bee Winery where they proudly serve the ancient tradition of mead making.Shortly after this trip, my phone was stolen.  So I would like to take a moment to Thank my son for bringing his Phineas & Ferb camera in his never ending attempts to capture the world through his lens… and Mrs. Ripleigh for capturing & sharing some treasured moments!The Walker Honey Farm started the tour with helping us to understand why bees where so important to us.  At first you might wonder what pumpkins & other members of the gourd family would have in common with honey?

Well Honey Bees of Course!

Without them our pumpkins, fruits, and vegetables would not be pollinated by these guys.  Now step back and think about that for a minute…

We are talking about our Food Supply! Honey Bees are responsible for almost 1/3rd of the food we consume!  While there are other pollinators, our use of pesticides end up removing them from the areas they are needed the most.< The kids favorite part of the trip was being able to touch and hold a section of the hive.  Before approaching the bees I told my kids not to freak out because the bees are just smelling and getting to know you.  This seemed to be enough for them.  Purplicious (green jacket) kept getting back in line, jumped the line several times, and eventually I had to drag her away…  Since coming home she has told me she talks to the bees in the backyard.  This does not surprise me as she is our resident animal whisper.  Look out we may have a future beekeeper here! >

But there is a big problem.  There has been a decline in the bee population and it affects us directly.  The stressed bees have even led to colony-collapse disorder.  I hope you will take the time to click on the highlighted text and read the articles!  If not there is a documentary on Netflix … The Silence of the Bees?

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