Free? Ask me…

Delivery v.s. Shipping… Is it really Free?

As I continue in my Business degree at WGU I have learned to appreciate My Amway business more and more.  Things that didn’t make sense to me before have a greater clarity.  However there are things that crop up that they don’t really explain in school.  I am at such a Learning point…

Every now and then I get a email requesting for products & service.  Usually this means they have been to my retail website or have seen the link to my website… on a pen or a business card etc…

For the most part they ask to save on shipping or delivery.  Please note I don’t have a code to waive free shipping.  Sometimes it’s a $5 order and sometimes it’s a $20 order.  For a period of time Amway did offered free shipping for orders over a certain amount.  It’s called a promotion.

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